Saturday, 22 April 2017

Multicultural international marriage part 1

Being in a society of multicultural plus international marriage make me realize nationality and race is nothing but just an outer layer of a human. By seeing family torn a part due to bureaucratic policy, nationality, races i think the rules seems inhumane. For me in these 20 years, some countries will not exist anymore due to political issues such as Brexit, war, global warming etc. On the other hand people now and then will keep on moving, migrating and changing. People can evolve and revolve. i hope government should understand by marrying other breed and genes of human from other countries and races is not uncommon phenomenon. It is a natural phenomenon as human have their right to choose whom they are married to. There are still tangled issues which make this natural marriage look complicated, stressful and complex. To seek job and build our own family in Malaysia is something similar whether to choose to watch horror movies or not. It is also seem unfair to be treated like an outsider just for marrying someone from other countries and races. This country is already being independent for more than 50 years and we are saying we are very proud of this numbers..unfortunately we are still not able to handle the natural human movement in the best and humane way. We are likely to be treated generally rather than personally as the people who work for this issue is too busy to handle such cases unless we are being paid more and work less. For me with this cases of divorce due to countries policy really a huge heart break and tensions to show how outsider control our life, they do not want to bring immigrant worker whom will take the vacancies which belongs to the bumiputera, they are aimed to contribute the increasing number of divorce cases, increase figures regarding social problems and diseases..everything is about negativitism arguments and nothing is good about this type of marriage.

For me, it is time for us not just to ask about what and how, it is the time for us to act upon on why and how to protect our own right as our country should serve the needs of the citizens as we also pay our tax to this country, we are not just come here to live and breed, we come here to build the nation, to contribute, share and exchange knowledge, enrich the culture and  we pay for everything as the same as other citizens living here.
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